Discover and access climate data from California's scientific and research community. Download the data in different formats. Use the Cal-Adapt API to add a dataset directly to a map or build your own custom application. New datasets are added as they become available.

Upcoming Datasets

  • Sea Level Rise - Maximum inundation associated with various increments of sea level rise plus an extreme storm event for the Coast, Bay, and Delta from UC Berkeley (John Radke).

  • Snowpack - Projections from Scripps Institution of Oceanography using VIC hydrological model.

  • Streamflow - Streamflow data from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

  • Wildfire Risk - Wildfire risk from Climate Applications Lab at UC Merced (LeRoy Westerling).

  • Other - Additional variables related to hydrological, wind, and/or solar irradiation modeling depending on research needs of Fourth Assessment teams.