Cal-Adapt 2.0

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Roll-out of Cal-Adapt 2.0 is underway! You can now download annual averages of projected temperature and precipitation in California for future and historical scenarios. The data is avaialble as GeoTIFF rasters and can be clipped to your project area. The climate projections avaialble on Cal-Adapt are based on a new method (“LOCA”, or Localized Constructed Analogues) that improves descriptions of extreme temperatures and spatial distribution of precipitation, both of which are critical for understanding climate-related risks such as heat waves and inland flooding.

The beta site offers a sneak preview of Cal-Adapt 2.0, which is built using an Applications Programming Interface (API) that enables users to build custom tools based on datasets displayed by Cal-Adapt. The beta site currently offers visualizations of projected annual maximum and minimum temperatures, as well as average annual precipitation.